This is the industry-leading contract
we have all been fighting for.

Your Work

- Unparalleled Job Protection
- Better working conditions through increased staffing requirements
-Three shift staffing for ALL maintenance positions

Your Livelihood

-Industry leading salaries and guaranteed 2% raises every year
-Up to 9% company contribution to your 401(k)
-Increased overtime, holiday, and feild trip pay

Your Family

-Twice as many paid holidays
-Twice as many sick days
-Twice as many injury on duty days

Fleet Service Members

  • 45 Stations and Location with SCOPE covered work and protections instead of the 18 currently today
  • 140 weekly mainline departures for insourcing and capturing future Stations and Locations
  • System Job Protections, Station Job Protections and Status Job Protections for every active employee and/or on an approved leave of absence

M&R Members

  • 2600 Minimum Headcount in Aircraft Overhaul & Overhaul Support Shops, with Additional Engine & Back Shop Headcount Protection Provisions
  • A Minimum of 50% of Aircraft Overhaul Billable Hours Done In-House
  • A Minimum of 26 Line Aircraft Maintenance Stations - Staffed On All Three Shifts
  • No Scheduled Domestic Line Maintenance Outsourcing

MLS Members

  • Station & System Job Protection
  • A Minimum of 26 Line Station Staffed
  • Three Shift Staffing at All Line Stations
  • Minimum & Maximum Crew Chief to Worker Ratio

Detailed Information

This is YOUR contract. Learn more about the details at the links below.


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